Paul & Yuko
When I met Rica at Ffielden it was like a breath of fresh air. Not only does she speak perfect English but was knowledgeable, fully understood the expectations a westerner brings with them when finding a place, very friendly and knew exactly what I was looking.
David & Nicole
It is very difficult and often stressful for foreigners to rent apartments in Japan by themselves, but through FFielden and Rica we have always felt confident because of the great service they provide. We definitely recommend this company as one that is trustworthy and very easy to deal with.
The level of service provided by Rica’s team has been invaluable in ensuring the entire process was thorough and complete, including the connection of all necessary services. I highly recommend Rica’s agency for their service, professionalism and continued support.
Daniel Rudolph
They will walk you through the complicated aspects of renting an apartment in Japan. I thought that all real estate agencies would be the same because they all charge about the same fee, but Core Eight, I honestly feel has gone beyond what is required of them. I don’t think I would get the same amount of service and help from a big real estate agency company.
Ms. Yasuda
I have been impressed with the quality of personalized service and support, and would highly recommend Core Eight. Very smooth experience.
I would highly recommend Rica’s services without reservation.
She understood what kind of accommodation I was looking for and not only found me the perfect apartment but also gave helpful tips around life in Kobe.If you move to Kobe, I highly recommend Rica and ffeilden to look for an apartment. The service simply could not be better!
Daniel Green
Core Eight was incredibly helpful to me in arranging an apartment in Hyogo before I arrived in Japan. Naomi-san has been wonderful, exceeding expectations at every stage of the process. Service, fees, communication – Naomi is fantastic and Core Eight are one of the best companies I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.
Marissa Spennato
Naomi and the entire Core Eight team are an absolute pleasure to work with, and made the moving process so much less complicated! They are extremely responsive to any questions and concerns one may have.If anyone I knew was looking for a new housing arrangement, I’d definitely recommend Core Eight without any hesitation!
The Core Eight 8 real-estate agency based in Kobe provided exactly what I was looking for, and in fact, exceeded my expectations. They exemplify high standards in customer service, organization, and property search and acquisition. I highly recommend Core Eight to any overseas investors looking for a professional and reliable real-estate agency in Japan.
Luke Schleppe
In my 15 years in Japan, through both home ownership and the rental for my small business, I have dealt with a large amount of real estate companies and their agents. Rica has them all beat, in every aspect. She was friendly, prompt, capable, and always available. Their service is just not seen in the Japanese real estate world and I would have been happy to have paid double for what was such a smooth and pleasant experience. 5/5 stars!
Gilmina Perretti
Being ex-luxury properties agent myself in the Hamptons, New York and Los Angeles, California, I was extremely impressed with Rica’s in-depth knowledge of market trends and luxury inventory. With her astute problem-solving and hands-on approach, Rica is always looking for new ways to streamline the real estate experience for her clients. She has ability to thrive in one of the most technically and socially demanding markets in Japan.