Core Eight

English speaking real estate agency in Kobe, Japan


Kobe—where living changes your life!

Real Estate x Creativity

I am a creator—Core8, a fearless, unconventional real estate agency!

Core8 is not a typical real estate agency that just sells real estate—we create a new life and lifestyle for you by creating a residence perfectly suited to you, offering happiness and sparking a joie de vivre

Adding color to life makes living richer and more vibrant. Just like art where a blank page is filled with brilliant colors…we can help in various ways to create a life that is your own vivid masterpiece.

We at Core8 connect to you beyond borders and language. Let’s make Kobe known as the world’s most livable city. Kobe, a city that combines the influences of Japan and those of foreign countries, to create a sense of unity and belonging with people who want to be part of a close-knit community with a shared sense of passion and excitement that transcends borders and languages in this community we create here.

I have no doubt that you will feel Kobe’s charm and enjoyment when you visit. I am Rica Bradshaw, proud to be a real estate agent and share my beloved Kobe with you!