Core Eight

English speaking real estate agency in Kobe, Japan


Integration + Creation

The Core Eight name is related to the ancient Japanese language of “Katakamuna”.  The culture of this was created based upon Cosmology.

The symbol Core Eight is represented in the center of the spiral.  The symbol represents energy gathering into the center and creation of new energy.

As a group of professionals we provide energy and enthusiasm to the business considerations.  We place high importance on client interest and sensitivity to ensure we locate the best, most desirable locations.

We believe there are both perfect and less desirable locations.  When we search, our aim is to connect clients to the best locations possible. Our best interest is our client’s happiness and satisfaction.  This as our top priority.

Our experience and knowledge of the location and area will help you discover the best possible property for you and your loved ones.

We are an agency with vision based on a holistic view. We will view each opportunity as a formative way of uniting people, property and ourselves.  We always consider our clients best interests, especially for their living space.  We endure to find locations and buildings that inspire positive energy and a bright atmosphere that generates happiness and health to our clients.