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More than 10 years experience in Estate Services with professional people
Investment properties range from small and mid-sized commercial and residential properties to upscale luxury residential, leisure, and commercial properties
Investment clients: First-time and experienced investors in Japan and overseas (predominantly HK Chinese, Australians, and Europeans)
Size of investments: Primarily in the range from 50,000,000 JPY to 300,000,000 JPY
Prime real estate investment opportunities: Range from exclusive residential properties in local areas to upscale residential and commercial properties in mid-town Kobe, Osaka or Kyoto
Property management services available in Japanese and English. See about page
Investment achievements to date:
10 Years Experience
10 Years Experience
Extensive Professional Network in Real Estate and Other Areas
Professional network includes contractors, landscape architects, architects, interior decorators, and traditional Japanese craftsmen and artisans.
Ability to manage reform teams across professional areas to create a space and ambiance perfectly suited to the clients' needs
Professional Network in Real Estate
Knowledge about the surrounding areas
As a 20 + year resident of Kobe, Rica is intimately familiar with all that Kobe and its surrounding areas have to offer.
Whether you want to invest in quick-turnover residential property, anchor commercial real estate, or a project involving reform of modernizing a traditional building while retaining the integrity of its original tradition and charm, CoreEight is the perfect place to help you.
CoreEight's service philosophy is our complete and sincere dedication to ensuring that our clients achieve their own dreams and goals. Let us be your dream-makers!
Knowledge About Surrounding Areas

Investing in Kobe

The city of Kobe is located on the island of Honshu and is known for being one of the most vibrant cities in Japan.
The city is located on a scenic harbor and also has its own mountain which offers sweeping views across the region.

Property Investment Kobe


Population 1.53 million
Labor force 0.72 million
Area (square kilometers) 321.0
GDP 6,591,650 million yen
Major industries General machinery, transport machinery, electric machinery, iron & steel, food products
SourceSource : JETRO


Public land value

Looking at the land prices in Kobe over the past seven years, the average in Hyogo Prefecture fell by 2.0%, but it increased even more by 2.4%.

The overall trend seems to be that the higher the area is nearer the station, the higher the area where it falls.

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Kobe's living environment has many advantages. Even while boasting sufficient urban functions, Kobe offers spacious housing, a low cost of living, smooth and short commuting times, good public safety, and good work-life balance: all the advantages of a more provincial city.

“Sandwiched” between the Seto Inland Sea to the south and the mountains of Rokko to the north, Kobe is blessed with a rich natural environment. (The city has the largest park space per person among 20 government-designated cities.)

Residents can enjoy seasonal leisure activities in the natural settings spread within easy reach such as mountain climbing and skiing on Mt. Rokko, walking to Suma and Maiko, and going to the beach, while in the city itself they can take pleasure in visiting to Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, and hot springs and enjoy other aspects of traditional Japanese culture.



6 educational foundations, 8 schools in city

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