Kitano Interview Relay: 4th interview with Mr. and Mrs. Torrini

Posted on February 24, 2018 in Community

We, Core Eight team, are now interviewing those who live and or work in Kitano, Kobe to learn about “Life in Kitano”. As the main English-speaking real estate agent in properties in the exclusive Kitano-cho area, Core Eight is happy to provide you with information beyond what is quoted from the magazines or the internet. We will give you this opportunity to learn about the actual Kitano life from the people who know and love Kitano!

I am Naomi, an assistant staff (now learning to be an agent) at Core Eight since last summer and I will be the interviewer.  Kitano, Kobe has always charmed me as it does attract many others, but it was only recently that I started to see Kitano as a living place rather than a tourist place. Walking in Kitano in the morning to go to Core Eight’s office in the heart of Kitano before all the tourist come was a wake-up call to make me realise the charms Kitano has as a residential area. I thought it was such a pity that most people do not know what Kitano has to offer. By interviewing those who know the actual residential life in Kitano, I wanted to learn about the hidden charms of Kitano and share them with you all.

Our third interview is with Mr. and Mrs. Torrini.

For those who got interested in working and/or living in Kitano, please contact us!

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