Purchase procedure and expenses

A step-by-step guide

Step 1. Make an offer

Once both parties agree on the price and condition →

Step 2. Signing purchase contract

  • Deposit to seller 10% of the purchased price
  • 50% of agency fee
  • Stamp tax
  • The buyer shall immediately apply bank loan after Contract signing.

Step 3. Bank loan application (if necessary)

It normally takes three to four weeks for assessment. Once the loan application has been approved →

Step 4. Bank loan signing

*Please ask bank for details

About four weeks after Contract signing completion and delivery of property carries out.

Step 5. Completion

  • Balance due
  • 50% of agency fee
  • Registration and license tax
  • Judicial scrivener (Solicitor) fee
  • Asset tax (including urban planning tax)

One to two months after your purchase there will be an Acquisition tax.

Agency fee: Purchase price x 3%+60,000 yen x Consumption tax
Stamp Tax: Please see the chart (as of 2016 April)

> 10,000 yen< 500,000 yen200 yen
> 500,000 yen< 1,000,000 yen500 yen
> 1,000,000 yen< 5,000,000 yen1,000 yen
> 5,000,000 yen< 10,000,000 yen5,000 yen
> 10,000,000 yen< 50,000,000 yen10,000 yen
> 50,000,000 yen< 100,000,000 yen30,000 yen
> 100,000,000 yen< 500,000,000 yen60,000 yen
> 500,000,000 yen< 1,000,000,000 yen160,000 yen

Registration and license tax: Appraised value of fixed assets tax x20/1000
Solicitor fee: Please ask
Asset tax: Appraised value of fixed assets tax  x 1.4%
Urban planning tax: Appraised value of fixed assets tax   x 0.3%)
Acquisition tax: Appraised value of fixed assets tax   x 4% or 3%