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Property ID : Rent 37

Rented ¥265,000 - Apartment, Residential
172.6 sq m 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms Print

Marvelous 3 bedrooms apartment is just coming on the market.

Located in very popular residential area, Kitano in Kobe.

Near mountain side, but not far from city centre. It’s only 15 minutes walk from JR, Hankyu, Hanshin, or subway sannomiya and motomachi stations.

This apartment is furnished furnitures and home electronics appliances. So it’s very suitable for people who have just arrived in Japan and will start new life here, or people who don’t have own furnitures, home electronics appliances.

If you don’t need some of them, it’s possible to remove. Therefore you don’t worry about them.

Living and dining space is absolutely specious, and comfortable sofa, table, and TV are furnished. Dining table and 6 chairs are also provided in the another space. Through the big windows, you can enjoy beautiful  mountain and city view.

With such a great scenary, you can have a relax time with your family or friends with drinking, eating, doing Yoga, and so on.

Kitchen has also enough space and furnished 4 gas cookers, oven, wide sink, and dish washing machine. Big refrigerator is provided here.

All 3 bedrooms are flooring and 2 beds are furnished to each room. 1 bedroom has own bathroom. You can use this room as a master bedroom or guest room. Next room is situated in the corner of south and west. Good sunshine is provided all the day to this airy corner room. The last room has big space and windows too. One more bathroom is furnished, so it’ll be not bother you and your family to use them at the same time in morning and evenings busy time.

Total floor size is more than 170 sq m. Such a specious apartment is very rare to find out.

It’s worth visiting here at once.

Monthly rent is 265,000 JPY and communal fee is 15,000 JPY.

Refundable deposit is 1,000,000 JPY and non refundable key money is 300,000 JPY.  But, all the cost is possible to negotiate.

Living with your pets are allowed in this apartment.

Please feel free and contact with me anytime if you’re interested in this wonderful apartment.









Floor Plans

4th floor

172.6 sq m
3 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
¥265,000 per month

communal fee is 15,000 JPY

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